The Project Management Perspective in Human Resource Excellence

14 Apr

Majority of human resource specialist all across the world are significantly improving their core skill sets. One of the most important skill sets to evaluate and improve is the project management skill set. I recently gave an extensive lecture on project management and human resource management integration in the Middle East. Many of the human resource specialists were really astonished as to know that this project management is a skill set that needs to be pursued.

I’m taking the time to communicate the reasons why we believe that project management plays a  pivotal part in the success of human resource management.  Let’s begin with the life-cycle development.

Life Cycle Development
Lifecycle development is defined as the complete life cycle for human resource interaction of any given project. This implies that the project manager needs to work with the human resource specialist who understands the total number of resources required and the skill sets associated with those resources. Also, the human resource specialists need to also evaluate the cost, time, training, and efforts required to maintain and sustain a quality team. Recently while you we were doing a project in Pakistan, one of the project managers required us to provide human resource consultancy. Even after we provided the cost, time, training, and efforts required, there were other variables that need to still be evaluated. For example, for the large projects, the quality of the team and the team building needs to be a consistent process. That is why choosing the right people is of essence.

Human resource development. People who work on projects need to understand the development cycle. This implies that they need to understand their total time, energy, and efforts required to gain new experiences. Experiences need to be combined with training programs. No longer can an employee be of use with experience. In fact, for many of our consultancy roles, we do add a large amount of training. Training is two way, firstly for the people that come on board and then for the other teams to come into the project in the long run.



2 Responses to “The Project Management Perspective in Human Resource Excellence”

  1. Anurag Singh April 15, 2013 at 5:19 am #

    Hello Emily,

    Your article is very positive on the training perspective on a project in hand.
    But one needs to understand its not the Human perspective the Company focusing on , There ultimate objective is to get the Project rolled out on time and and no matter what within the cost.

    Cost calculation is done to the last penny that will be spent on the Project in hand right from Raw materials to Human resource costing. No company can afford to train people while working on project in hand, all they care is get qualified + experienced professionals on contractual basis after good bargaining on the procurement of these resources.

    On the job training is something a company can afford but in the world of “time sheet” & “per hour productivity” no body gives a damn about the skill set enhancement of human resource. Project management is all about time & pressure ( Cost being the blood) in a project.



  2. Rickie April 15, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

    I used to be able to find good advice from your content.

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